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The Buttonwood Group, LLP

700 Canal Street, 3rd Floor
Stamford, CT 06902
203 . 328 . 3056
The Buttonwood Group LLP is a research and consulting firm specializing in performance management and organizational effectiveness; and has been recognized by CFO Magazine as a leading provider of planning solutions. We help organizations select and implement best practice tools, technology and processes to transform their traditional performance management and planning processes into a value added management system to drive results.

Our highly collaborative approach; unparalleled expertise in planning, budgeting & forecasting; and proven toolkit provide a unique combination to ensure the success of any redesign effort. In addition, our proprietary research with partners such as CFO Magazine, Financial Executives International, the New York Society of Securities Analysts and others allow us to constantly stay abreast of innovative practices in planning and performance management.

On our site you can learn about the five most often discussed, "packaged" solutions to better planning - everything from Rolling Forecasts and Balanced Scorecards, to Zero Based Budgeting and Activity Based Budgeting, to Value Based Management/EVA. You can even learn about our own proprietary approach, known as Buttonwood VP.

In the market for planning software? Learn about The Buttonwood 7 Step Approach to selecting a software provider, and the 5 Worst Mistakes you can make (and how to avoid them). Do you think you're prepared to enter into the vendor selection process? See if you can answer these questions. Salespeople like to lead with low licensing fees. But what percent, on average, of the total cost do these fees represent, what are the other costs? Did you know that for one particular vendor, it can take three days of implementation time just to load their CD disks onto your network? Take our Pop Quiz to find out just how prepared you really are.

Want to know who the major Planning Software Vendors are? We list them all here with links to their web sites, no need to Ask Jeeves or Yahoo (unless of course, you enjoy that).

There are three primary ways in which we assist companies, and we can tell you about them in Our Approach, and provide some case studies in How We Help. The first we way we often help is by working with a client team to select the right planning software provider (and in negotiating better terms, generating savings that typically work out to be more than our fees). The second way we typically help is in working with a client team to develop a customized solution to better planning, by redesigning the current planning process. This often involves redesigning operational planning and budgeting, forecasting, management reporting, and performance measures. The third way in which we help organizations is by implementing a packaged solution to better planning; such as performance scorecards, rolling forecasts, activity based budgeting, zero based budgeting and value based management. Also included in this list of packaged solutions is our own Buttonwood VP approach.

So if you've come to this site to just to learn more about planning, in all of its various forms and aspects, you'll soon realize that you've come to the right place. If you've come to this site to learn more about us, we're prepared to do that to, and welcome the opportunity to work with you.